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Social media without website, does it work?

Starting a new business most likely means cashing out before cashing in, thus some entrepreneurs may think that a way to drop the costs could be avoiding to have a website. They will limit their online presence to social media accounts, that are free to open, and postpone the creation of the website to the future. If you are on the same page you are about making a big mistake, and here we explain you why.

The main difference between having a website for your company combined with the use of social media, and be a social-media-accounts-holder only, is that in the first case your are the owner of your online space – while in the second scenario you are only borrowing it.

Occupy the web space only through social media equals to be a tenant of a rented space in the physical word, while with a website you are the king of the castle and the land’s owner. This brings to different implications.


In your land you can build the kind of building you like and that it’s more suitable to your business, according to your current and future needs. In other words, you can decide to have a simple showcase website, you can include a blog, or you can even upgrade to an e-commerce platform, it is entirely up to you and your budget. You can customize the aesthetic of your online space according to your brand’s visual identity, as you like and at any time. On social media you can only stick to the given frames of the platform itself, which can change anytime and you must adapt to it. The platform’s functionalities are set and you can’t widen it or differentiate the user experience you offer to your audience respect to competitors.


When you are the owner of your house no one can kick you out. Let’s assume that by mistake you post something on Facebook that breaches the community rules, or that someone (that can be a random user or a competitor willing to hurt you) reports your content as inappropriate. Your account could be immediately closed or temporary blocked. In a case like that the consequences are not only related to the negative impact on your company’s image, but especially to the interruption of the communication with your audience for an undefined period. In the best scenario this interruption will last until you manage to have your account restored, in the worst, you’ll have to restart from scratches, vanishing all the effort you have done so far.


Through social media, the reach you can achieve is limited to a small percentage of users connected to your accounts, and you can only perform negligible data collection actions. Thanks to a website you can collect email addresses of your visitors, setting call-to-actions to induce them subscribing to your newsletter; you can monitor their behavior and operate targeted communications campaigns; you can reach a larger audience in a competition free environment – in fact on socials, users are exposed to a massive quantity of content, which drastically reduces in the intimacy of their e-mail boxes, where they can be more focused on you and your message, making your communication more effective.


The same happens when users are on your website. There, it is only about you and their experience with you. They are focused on you and willing to dedicate you more time and attention. This is why your social media aim should be conveying traffic to your website, where you can engage with your visitors, generate sales, track their journey to collect feedbacks and data. Remember that data is the fuel of marketing, useful to improve your communications and your service, to foreseen trends and changes in the market, in order to be the first and the best at fulfilling your customer needs.



Written by Avans 
Digital marketing strategist and web designer at YM style

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