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5 reasons why a small business needs a website

So many times I’ve heard business owners saying “I don’t need a website right now, but I’ve started a Facebook page and an Instagram account. I’m fine with that for the time being.”

They are fine with that until I tell them why they shouldn’t be, and why they actually need a website, especially at the initial stage of their commercial activity. So let me give 5 good reasons why your small business needs a website!


It’s a matter of credibility

A newborn business needs to build its reputation and it hasn’t yet stories of success to bring in front of new potential clients to support its credibility. It can only count on its image and on how it is introduced to the market. Think about it, you are introduced to a brand which you have never heard about before, so you’d like to collect information: what’s your first question? Simply said “Do you have a website?” And what is your perception when you are told “I’m sorry there is no website, but we have a Facebook page”? You think “what company doesn’t have a website in 2017?” and get the perception this is a two-bit affair.


The lack of a website can jeopardize all your sales efforts in a minute

You have just finished your meeting going through all the amazing stuff your company can do and your client looks definitely well impressed. Now it’s the time to exchange your contact details so you can be in touch and drop them your offer to go forward. What could possibly go wrong now? Your business card shows a gmail e-mail address. In an eye blink your potential client is wondering if this is a real business. He is questioning himself about trusting a company that doesn’t even invest a few bucks in a domain, in order to have their own branded email account. You have done everything properly but your image betrays you because it doesn’t reflect the reliability and the quality your promised to deliver.


You are the owner of your online space

Occupying the web space only through social media equals to be a tenant of a rented space in the physical word, while with a website you are the owner of your land. This brings to different implications. First, at anytime your account can be temporary blocked or closed for a mistake, or only because someone may find your content inappropriate and decide to report it. Second, with a website you can customize the aesthetic of your online presence supporting and enhancing your brand’s visual identity. You can differentiate from the competition and offer a unique user experience. You can hardly do that on social media. Last but not least, a website allows you to communicate with your audience in a competition free environment, collect data and generate sales. Read the article Website vs social media to know more about this topic.


You can collect data

As the wise Dan Zarrella said “Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed”. A website is a great tool for data collection. You can easily set compelling calls to action, contact forms and newsletter subscription to incentivize your visitors getting in touch with you. And if you want to take you strategy to the next level, start reading this article about how to collect data with your website. It will take you far beyond the simple gathering of contact details, to reach a real insight of your users’ behaviors and preferences.


You can reach a bigger portion of your audince

When you post on social media you have to cope whit algorithms. The platform decides what to show or not to show to users, meaning that your content will reach only a low percentage of your followers, and once you have reached them they have to select your content out of tons of content they are hit by. On the contrary when you have collected your users’ email addresses through your website, you can send them newsletter emails to share targeted and relevant content. The reach will be much higher and inside your audience’s email boxes the content competition is less intense. In this way they can pay better attention to your communications and be better persuaded to interact and engage with you.

Having a website is essential to any business of any size and not necessary expensive. Help your business to grow and give it a website, even better if a content-driven one! But this is another topic… get in touch with me for a coffee and we can discuss this better!



Written by Avans 
Digital marketing strategist and web designer at YM style

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